Week 03 – Documentation

I think about the proposed MIMO feature not just as a functioning tool but as well as an instructive and attractive feature for GNU Radio beginners to understand MIMO.
Therefore, I started to write a little in-tree top-level documentation which includes both, an introduction to the theoretical background of MIMO and a practical usage manual of all the GNU Radio blocks which are included in the section MIMO. For the theoretical introduction to MIMO, the reader does not require any preknowledge about MIMO itselve, but a fundamental background in communications theory is assumed.
The documentation is going to have the following structure:

  • Introduction and motivation
  • Mathematical description
  • One specific MIMO technique
  • Theory about the algorithm
    • Implementational details
    • Usage information

I already started to write the general mathematical description of MIMO systems and the theory of the MIMO algorithms. The most latex formulas and the usage information of the GNU Radio blocks is a task for next week.


After finishing the documentation for the already implemented algorithms, I achieved all milestones for the first evaluation phase which is scheduled in about one week.
I am going to start with the tasks of the second evaluation period after that. This includes the implementation of the V-BLAST algorithm.



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